This photo reveals how a firefly can
be captured in a digital photo flying
very fast. DEBUNKED!
Hair captured in front of the camera!
This picture shows an orb in a local
cemetery. A noise was heard in the
direction that the photo was taken.
We believe it is a reflection off a
This photo was taken after a rain
storm. We believe the diamond
shapes in the photo represent
moisture captured using black &
white film at HIGH SPEED!
We believe this to be an moisture
orb Send us an E-mail and tell us
what you think!
Cool bug picture! Flash is
reflecting off bug!  Do you see the
Do you see the dark mass on the
ceiling? It seems to be in front of
the wall border on the far end.
After careful review, we believe
this picture shows something
manifesting in the upper right
Bug on the Run!!!
Reflection off a bath tub.
Debunked photo evidence
Photo evidence
Pictures open for discussion
This is the first picture out of two.
This picture was taken at St.
Augustine Lighthouse. We were on
our way up and there were no
people at the top or that we past
on the way. Nothing strange in this
This photo has been zoomed for
you to see the image better.
Although, the picture is not
perfectly clear, it does seem that
someone in a black like cloak was
at the top.
This is a favorite of ours.  The dust
orb actually has a smiley face.
Is this a rod above the
The picture above was taken on a
warm night in May 2006, There was
no fog and there is never any
smoking during an investigation.
What do you see in the photo? Is it
a ghostly form or just matrixing?
This interesting picture is an
example of a double exposure.
Notice on the right the blurred
image where a wall should be.
NEW! Moisture & Dust
orbs in Local Cemetery.
!-- Generated by -->
Light anomaly from Dr. Rogers house
Could these bubbles be lights
from Night shot? We think so.
Send us an email and tell us what
you think.
These are not cords or power
lines. Is this a shutter issue?