Family Information:

My husband Jerry & I have been married for nine wonderful years. I am a 37 year mom of four
“paranormal” teenagers, Dusty, Randin, Cody & Marina. I am also a mom to two dogs Rocky (a
Rottie/Basset mix), Sula (a Shepard/Sheltie mix) and two brat cats Onyx (a black tiger) & Squirrel (a
grey tiger). We are living quite well & happy in our five bedroom ranch in Batavia, Ohio.  Besides
being the very busy “Founder” of SOAR, my true passion is trying to prove the existence of the
paranormal through scientific means.  I also am involved with the “Outlaw Basset Rescue”, a new
Basset Hound rescue based in Cincinnati. As the webmaster for SOAR, Paranormal, I enjoy learning
everything I can about website design. Also, I enjoy “mining for gems” in the mountains of North
Carolina, fishing, as well as “digging for fossils” here in Ohio.

I  grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina as an army brat with my mom  “Elaine” and step dad  
“James” in a very “military strict” household.  I was raised as a Baptist and went to church with my
grandma regularly. I even attended Christian Academy. There were three of us siblings, ”Jimmy”,
who is twelve years older than me and was in the Airforce while I was growing up (Now he is an
elementary school teacher), myself and “Thomas,”  who is six years younger than me. I tortured him
relentlessly as a child to the point that I almost cutoff his finger when he was seven. (Now, that’s a
long story) (Thomas has been out of the Airforce now for about two years and is an Engineer for
Boeing).  I have a sister that is ten years younger than me named Dawn; she grew up in Virginia
with my father “Richard”. (Dawn is a model & actress and has been on several commercials on TV.)
When I was young, I played softball, was active in gymnastics and learned to walk “very well” on
stilts. I read the “Amityville Horror” book when I was nine years old and read all the Stephen King
books that were out at the time before I was twelve. Many of my great aunts on my mothers’ side
were considered gypsies. They read palms, had psychic dreams, talked to ghosts and loved to
dabble with illusionary magic. So, never the less “dabbling with the paranormal” has been in my
family for generations.

Why the Paranormal?

At the tender age of 16 years old, I moved out of my house (Yes, I was a rebellious teenager) and
moved in with some unsavory individuals that started my interest in the paranormal. My roommates
at the time practiced “Black magic” and began to contact spirits that were “supposedly” living in
our home and invited some from other places, too. In this home, I experienced séances, spells that
actually happened, homemade Ouija boards made out of bones and some very strange rituals.
There was a room in the house that was “specifically” for the entities and I was not allowed, nor
wanted to go into.

It all started with my personal items disappearing then reappearing later in the same place it was
originally located. My bedroom was cold all the time, which was odd for “Southern” 90+ degree
weather, along with the feelings of constantly being watched convinced me to sleep in the living
room most of the time. I asked my roommates who could be playing these tricks me and I was told
that they had contacted a female spirit by the name of “Christine” who was playing those tricks
because she didn’t like the “women in the house. “Christine” had also told them that there was a
“Dark” entity that had been summoned there and he wanted to hurt or kill someone. Believe it or
not I blew this off as “Supernatural Hoopla” because I was skeptical.  

One evening, my roommates were out of the house “partying” and I had just gone to bed with my
“boyfriend” at the time. I would say the time was a little past midnight and all was well in the house,
(I thought). Suddenly, the bedroom door creaked open and I heard the most horrible sounds! From
across the room, I heard someone move with a moaning, gargling sound to my side of the bed. I felt
paralyzed, kept my eyes closed and prayed silently for protection to Jesus to keep me safe from
whatever decided to come into my room that fateful night.  The “creature” seemed to hover over
me for what seemed like an eternity and moved around to the other side of the bed over by my
boyfriend.  We laid there in perfect stillness until the “creature” left the room. All night, I laid awake
waiting for sunrise and until I had the opportunity to confront my boyfriend. When I asked him what
he experienced he told me the same story. Not too long after that experience, I moved from that
house and did not look back.   This experience opened my mind to the vast world of the paranormal.

I moved to Ohio in 1995 and lived in an old “underground railroad” home in Aberdeen on the Ohio
River for about a year. One day I was digging around the base of the house “looking for old things”
and found a very old bullet, that when I looked it up at the library was one that was used in the 1860’
s.  In the very back bedroom of the home, I also had a feeling when I went in the room of an old
woman used to sit by the window in her old rocker and look out at the old Aberdeen/Maysville
Bridge and watched men being hung.

My husband (at the time, the same who experienced the paranormal activity with me in Fayetteville)
use to stay the night at his parents frequently because it as such a long drive to work in Cincinnati.
One evening around 1:00 am, I was reading a “horror novel” in my bedroom upstairs and my dog
was napping next to me. All of a sudden, I heard banging of pans, the movement of things in the
kitchen and my dog started growling. He being the Shih-Tzu he was didn’t dare to leave the room.
The noises last for about 10 minutes. Due to being scientifically minded, I thought that it was “mice”
that were making the noise. I crept down the long flight of stairs and went into the kitchen. The
pots & pans that I had left out overnight to dry had been physically moved to the other side of the
counter. I would say that atleast 6 to 7 items had been moved perfectly. I could understand if they
fell on the floor but that they actually moved really inspired me even more for the search for the
paranormal.  One evening, my husband came up to me and had asked if I had been downstairs in
our daughters’ room in the last ten minutes. I told him “No” and asked why. He said, “I went by
Marina’s room and heard a woman singing to her, I blew it off and went to the restroom and came
upstairs.” ”When I came back to come upstairs, I went in there to see if you were still in there and
there was no one there.”

Personal & Professional studies:

Over the years, I learned through study & experience, methods of divination and self
enlightenment. I have studied Tarot, Astrology, Rune Readings, Astral Projection, Palm Reading,
Lucid & Divination Dreaming, Gem stone and Crystal power.  On a scientific level, I have studied a
curriculum of Hand writing analysis, Radio frequencies, EMF spectrum, Historical & Genealogy
Research, Astronomy, Archeology, & Gemology. Professionally, I am a “Bookkeeper” and have
extensive experience with Non-profit & Profitable businesses as well as Background checks,
Marketing & Event Planning.

Favorite Experience with SOAR:

My favorite experience with SOAR would probably be when we went to Snow Hill Country Club, (The
second time). After 3:00 am, all of our team had left to go home for the evening except Nick, myself
and my husband who was sleeping upstairs in our room for the evening. This was the a little
unnerving because we had collected numerous EVP’s from here previously and knew that “Spook
Nasty” the locals called him, could at anytime do anything. Just the two of us in a big place like that
was intimidating to me and there were certain points of that investigation where Nick would leave
me to check out a noise and I could feel an overwhelming coldness and not so nice presence
there.  At the end of the investigation, Nick didn’t stay and went home so; I was left “alone” with
whatever was residing at Snow Hill that morning. I had gone to the bathroom before retiring at 5:30
am and while I was in there, someone knocked on the door. I immediately went to the door and
there was no one to be found. At this time in my paranormal career, I actually felt like I was a target
for whoever we were addressing that evening and my time of reckoning had come. I went straight
to bed, cross in hand and slept with the lights on. (I thought, “The tough paranormal investigator
had met her match this day”.) (Of course, my husband was fast asleep during all of this commotion.)
So, once we got up I asked him about the experience. Jerry, (A true skeptic) said, “He did not
knock on the door that morning and thought I was “Nuts”.

By: Melinda Smith, SOAR Founder 05/22/2008
Melinda Smith
SOAR, Founder  
Lead investigator
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