July 2008
SOAR Team Member Article
Written solely for the use of Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers
By Lora Lewis

I was always raised to believe that when you die – you die.  You stay dead until the rapture occurs then
those saved through Christ, whether living or dead, then go to heaven.

That is why when I have had my own personal paranormal experiences in the past, I had a hard time really
talking about them with anyone or even really believing what I had experienced.  I believe I was in denial.  
Plus, it is a little startling to admit that your home may be haunted.

My husband Tim and I moved into our first home in the spring of 1991.  It was a little ranch style home
located in Oakley.

To look at the house, whether from the inside or outside, you would probably describe it as cute or cozy.  
When you walked into the home, you never would have felt uncomfortable.  You would never exclaim,
“This place gives me the creeps.”  So what seemed to be going on there was definitely surprising to the
both of us.

Our first paranormal experience in the house occurred approximately 2 weeks after we moved into our
home.  Tim and I were in the bedroom putting fresh bed clothes on the bed.  We were bickering about
something so silly as to who was doing a better job with the fitted sheet.  We both noticed what sounded
like pacing up in the attic.  At first I believe we both thought it was just wires banging against the house or
something like that but as we continued to bicker, the pacing got faster and faster and faster.

We both then suddenly stopped as it dawned on us that something was not quite right and we just stared
at each other.  As we stared at each other, the pacing got slower and slower until it finally stopped.  We
then went to see if we could figure out what that noise was.  Tim checked the attic.  Nothing seemed out of
place.  We then went outside.  There were no wires banging against the house, no low lying branches
hanging over the roof, in fact, there was no wind.  Every once in awhile, you could feel a slight breeze.

We then went back into the house and back into the bedroom to finish making the bed.  I don’t know
whose idea it was but we decided to pretend like we were still bickering.  As we pretended to bicker, we
could hear the pacing start up again above our heads.  Again, as long as we bickered the pacing would
get faster and faster.  When we quit, the pacing started getting slower until finally it stopped.  A few weeks
later, some friends in our home got to witness this phenomenon first hand while they were all playing a
poker game.

Another thing that would happen quite frequently had to do with my house and car keys.  We always kept
our keys on a stereo stand by the front door.  My keys would constantly disappear from the stereo stand
and end up in the strangest of places:  top of the fridge, the dog’s water bowl, laying on the floor across
the room, top of the toilet lid, etc.

I also had downright frightening experiences.  Three different times while living in our home, I saw what is
classified as “Shadow People”.  Two different times, always after night had fallen, I saw in front of one of
the living room windows a very large, very black mass-way darker than the rest of the room.  It would
block out all incoming light including the street light that sat almost right in front of our house.  One night, I
had turned off all the lights getting ready to join Tim who was already in bed.  The hall light was still on and
so was the kitchen light.  I went into the kitchen, turned off the light, and as I made my way through the
living room, I rounded our coffee table and I saw out of the corner of my eye something rather large and
very dark standing in between the coffee table and the couch.  Well, Tim thoroughly enjoys trying to scare
me at times so I thought it was he.  As I turned to say something to him I realized I could hear Tim snoring
in the bedroom! I made an absolute beeline for that bedroom and to get to Tim.

One of the most startling experiences that I had was in our bedroom.  One afternoon I had a headache and
decided to go lie down for awhile.  Tim was on the phone with a friend.   I had just gotten into bed and
started to get the blankets situated when I saw something kind of shadowy looking at the end of the bed.  
It came around the foot of the bed then up alongside the bed on my side.  It then seemed to form into what
appeared to be a young boy about 14 or 15 years old.  He was white with blond hair.  He had on no shirt.   
Wrapped around his head looked like a white gauze bandage that was bloody.  He started floating up
toward the ceiling and he then turned and looked right at me and held out his right hand.  He then
disappeared up into the ceiling. I remember feeling paralyzed.  I remember trying to yell.  I don’t know how
long I sat there before I was finally able to scream and scream I did.  I heard Tim drop the phone and he
came running into the bedroom.  I remember trying to tell him what had happened and he had to keep
telling me to calm down.  I finally was able to tell him what had occurred.  That night, Tim, our cat Satin and
our dog Ranger, all stayed the night at my parents.

We considered selling that house within the first few months of living there but in the end we ended up
living in that home for 15 years.  We never truly felt like something was out to harm us.  Most of the time,
we actually felt comfortable there.  Neither one of us had a problem being alone in our home if the other
one was out late with friends.  As time went by we got more used to the phenomena that took place there.  
I know my faith in God and my prayers gave me comfort.   Without a doubt, though, when Tim and I sold
that home in June of 2006 and moved into our home in Mt. Orab, for quite a long while I was definitely
jumpy.  I was very concerned that we would find that our new home would have its share of the
paranormal but so far that does not seem to be the case.

The reason I joined Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers is not only due to my interest in the
paranormal but due to my own experiences.  I am positive no one will ever have all the answers when it
comes to the paranormal such as why are some homes and buildings haunted but others are not.  Why do
some people who have died seem to linger on this earth?  What is their purpose?  I know that the Bible
makes many a reference to ghosts, spirits and entities but why do they exist?  In the Bible it is implied that
some spirits were to bring comfort and advice to those that were still living.  But we all know that is not
necessarily the case in so many hauntings.  The ghosts seem to just be there for no real reason or
purpose, such as mine and Tim’s home in Oakley.

I know without a doubt that even if a person is able to study the paranormal for 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week for 20 years, that person will still never have all the answers.  No one can ever get a ghost to sit
down for a question and answer interview.  All one could really say about the paranormal is that they
definitely do break up the day to day monotony that so many of us live with.  Is that one of the reasons for
their existence, to bring some excitement to people’s lives?  

I do hope some day when I leave this earth I will then have all my questions answered.  And I will definitely
have a lot of questions.

August, 2008
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