Julie  Kelly

Historical Researcher &
New Investigator in training
Julie Kelley

I live in Eastgate, Ohio in a four-bedroom home in suburbia.  Divorced, I have my 18 year old
daughter Renee living at home with me while she attends UC.  Somehow, I seem to have
ended up with more animals than people in my house.  I have a rescued poodle (Timmy), a
Chihuahua (Lenny) and a 13-year-old cat (Sassy) that run the place.  I travel a couple of times
a year, but being a creature of habit, it is always to the same locations, leaving the major trips
to my daughter who suffers from extreme wanderlust. I am addicted to sweet tea and
chocolate, love Pilates and Tivo is my second best friend.  Nothing worse than sitting through
commercials with Live TV.  

I became interested in the paranormal when I was a little girl, living in a house that seemed to
have a spirit there that played with us girls all the time.  Once we moved, we never saw her
again, but the interest it sparked in me lingered.   I have since had numerous unexplained
events, but nothing ever as clear as the little girl we called Debbie growing up.    I enjoy the
fact that I can use my love for the unknown and my love for information and combine it with a
group of people that do not look at me like I am crazy when I mention otherworldly ideas.  I
have only been a member of SOAR for a short time, but have already learned a lot and hope to
continue to grow as an investigator and as a researcher.
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