Investigation  Report
A Haunting in
Clermont County, Ohio

SOAR recently performed an investigation at a home in Clermont County, Ohio. Due to confidentiality, the names have
been changed. This is a factual account of the investigation.

We received an email from Tina Harvey about five months ago stating that she was worried about the strange
occurrences that have been going on at  her residence for months.  Tina and her children, Adam & Toby were not
getting any sleep. Her husband Jason was a skeptic of the paranormal but was experiencing things also.  At night, they
would hear what sounded like people talking and moving things from the living room when they were upstairs, they
heard the sound of a bouncing ball quite often,  the rocking chair in the babies room (Toby) would move by itself,  Adam
who was about seven was terrified to sleep in his room due to seeing a "Green man" by his door. Also, Tina was trying
to rest one afternoon on the couch and heard the sound of an object being thrown next to her head and then items were
disappearing, sometimes reappearing and others never being found again. Tina had also described a scratching noise
coming from Adam's closet and the sound of breathing in her bedroom at night.  

Jason & Tina decided to leave a tape recorder on one night when they took the family out just to see if they would catch
anything. When they came home and listened to the recordings they heard sounds and voices that scared them to the
point that they couldn't take the occurrences anymore. So, that's when they contacted us.

Our Case Manager Lora took the family under her wing and stayed in constant contact with them while we were
performing our historical research of the property.  We reviewed information from the court records on the property and
found out that in general the property was owned by one family for over 50 years. It was farm land during that time and
the home was on a limestone & clay land form. There were no horrible murders or accidents that occurred during the
family's ownership of 50 years although, the father of the land owner had died in the Civil War when he was a toddler.
There were tails of witchcraft & satanic cults in the town but not directly related to the property. We did find a photo of
the land owner & his family in front of a store that they owned in town and in the picture there was a boy holding a ball.  
This boy was not the land owners because we knew that he only had a daughter. The land owner died in his 60's of
internal bleeding caused by disease. We could not conclude that the boy was connected to the family in any way. SOAR
did learn that the area of town there had been numerous domestic relation incidents during the later part of the 1900's.

Upon arriving at the investigation we talked to Jason and Tina about what they were experiencing and also listened to
the tape recorder that they used to try to capture some of the sounds. We heard them leave the house and then heard
the sound of a  baby crying, a male voice and things moving. We did not understand  what the voice was saying. We
had Tina take us around to all the paranormal hot spots and we set up our equipment by 9:00p.m. .

Our base EMF readings in the living room were off the charts and were constant so we knew that there was some
electrical interference there. Once we turned off the lights the EMF spikes returned to a normal level. We concluded that
some of the phenonomenon that happened in the living room could be associated with High EMF, (Electro magnetic
fields). It is proven that a High EMF field can cause a person to experience hallucinations, nausea, headaches and other
symptoms. SOAR was able to debunk that if you were walking in Adam's room the floor boards would move all the way to
Toby's room under the rocking chair.

The evening was uneventful until around 11:30 pm. Two of our investigators, Tanya (Researcher Mgr./ Investigator) and
Tim (Tech. Spec./Investigator) were sitting on Adam's bed. Tim was using the EMF detector and Tanya was taking
temperature readings. On our video, we captured the EMF detector (while Tim was sitting in the same spot) spiked
several times over a period of 5 minutes. Tim then noticed his arm was extremely chilled and Tanya documented that
temperature had dropped from 75 degrees to 68 degrees during the same time period.

Later in the evening, (while the lights were off) in the living room all investigators experienced more EMF fluctuations
that moved around the room. Before leaving we said a closing prayer to comfort the family and to prevent anything from
following us home. We left around 2:00 a.m.

About three days after our investigation, we received a call from the homeowners. They decided to leave and not come
back except to pack. It seems everything was calm for the few days after the investigation then the house started to go
hay wire. Tina heard a man in her bedroom say "Get out". They heard the sound of pacing and heavy breathing in their
room went they went to bed. The noises increased in the home and Tina couldn't take it anymore. We offered to do a
blessing in the home but she said she decided that after everything that had happened and due to financial reasons
they would just move.

Over the next couple weeks, we reviewed the evidence and were very surprised at the results. On three of our digital
recorders we heard continuous whispering in the background as well as captured numerous EVP's.

Some of the EVP's have been included here:
Question- Are you sad?
EVP Reply- How sweet!
Investigators talking to client
EVP- Look right Now!
Jason talking about spiders with
Tina & Melinda in kitchen
watching DVR
EVP- Melinda--(name being
IInvestigators- Lora & LB talking
the a strange EVP
EVP- Fighting Men
Meiinda talking
EVP- Watch me, get her......... No!
Tina talking about her kids-
EVP-Stop saying that!
Along with the EVP's, we captured video from our infrared cameras that showed over a period of 8 minutes, fluctuations
of the Gauss meter while the investigators (Tanya & Tim) were sitting still and the temperature change experienced by
the investigators. ( i am hoping to have that video on here for all to view soon.)

The EMF range went from flat 0 to 1 to  5, several times while the investigators were in a stationary position.

Do we think the house was haunted? We think that there is definite paranormal activity and judging from the EVP's,
there is evidence of a "Intelligent Haunting." Also, the EMF fluctuations while investigators were in one spot really helped
out with this investigation.

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