EVP- "I killed somebody and I cant fall
asleep." Turn up the volume for this one. It
is a whisper that was taken in an old
cemetery. The honking sounds are frogs.
Brown County, Ohio.
EVP- We are talking and say, "There are
parties and weddings here?" Reply-
"Shut that door."This is  from an a
recent investigation.
Clermont County, Ohio
EVP- You will hear the question," I am in
the men's bathroom, Is there anyone in
here?" Reply- "Jesus-Snyder"
Clermont County, Ohio
EVP- Short phrase, "Help me" We
actually heard this out loud during the
investigation. We were happy to hear it
also on our digital recorder. ( TURN UP
taken at Clinton County, Ohio
EVP- Question was asked, "Can you talk
to me? "There is a pause and then you
hear the word, " Chair!" Taken in Clinton
County, Ohio
Brown County, Ohio
Clinton County, Ohio
Clermont County, Ohio
EVP- "Deep Below." Old Basement.
Clinton County, Ohio
EVP- We asked, " Do you not like
women being in this room?"Reply- "NO"
(Whisper) Taken in a Men's Locker
room in Clinton County, Ohio.
About  EVP's

Electronic Voice Phenomenon
or a.k.a. EVP is commonly used
as a term for disembodied
voices caught on a recording


We used digital recording
devices for recording EVP's.
During Investigations, there is
no whispering by team
members and most but not all
EVP's are not heard until played
back.  The EVP's listed on this
page are property of SOAR and
are for listening  purposes only.
American Association for
For more information on
EVP's please check out
the link below.
EVP- We asked for a spirit to "Come On"
Reply, "NO"
EVP-We asked, "Do you want the guys to
leave?" Reply-, "YES" then whispering.
EVP- We asked, "Something you want?"
We recommend that you use
headphones while listening to
these EVP's.  This will help
block out outside noise.
EVP- "Scared,,,,,OK" Taken in a large
dining room where at one time it was a
sleeping area for children.
EVP- "Bye" You hear two investigators
saying "Bye" then a whisper of "Bye"
muffled by a furnace.
Richland County, Ohio
This EVP was captured at Mansfield
Reformatory Prison. The location was
shown on a TAPS episode.

EVP:" Get killed just like me."
Campbell County, Kentucky

This EVP was taken at a local nightclub in
the men's restroom called Bobby
Mackey's. You will hear an investigator
saying, " I can't stand it in this bathroom."
(There were no men present during the
recording of the EVP)

EVP- :"Hey" a very distinctive male voice.
If you have trouble
opening these, right
click on the audio box
and open with Real
Hamilton County, Ohio
EVP- We asked if the spirit was attached
to the furniture and received, "No"
EVP- We were told by a whisper to
This was taken in the client's bedroom
his name is Bill.
EVP- "Bill"
Client asked for spirit to speak. Two
distinct entities speaking.
EVP-" Hello, Get out of here, Bye?"
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