TIM AND LORA (married)

Tim and I have been members of Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers for about a year a half.  We have
been married for 19 years come this July 2008.  We waited many years before finally having a child August
2006.  Our daughter has the funniest little personality, an unbelievable sense of humor, she has the most
unforgettable smile and the most contagious laugh. You can't help but laugh and giggle right along with
her.  She is the most precious baby ever!

Tim and I lived in Cincinnati all of our lives until we moved to Mt. Orab, Ohio June, 2006.  We absolutely love
it in Mt. Orab!  We can sit on our back deck and watch the horses located on a farm almost right next to our

Tim works for a clean air processing company as a service technician and service manager.  I work for a
background screening company.

As for likes and dislikes, Tim and I both cannot stand people who harm children or animals.  On a lighter
note, Tim absolutely hates tomatoes.  He likes ketchup and salsa but otherwise he says that tomatoes look
like "they are in advanced larval stages".  He is OK with vegetables but he is not crazy about them.  I like
pretty much anything except for liver.  Have tried it at people's homes and various restaurants and I simply
cannot stand it!  It makes my skin crawl.  

Tim is an investigator/techical support for SOAR.  I am an investigator/case manager.

Tim and I both are interested in the paranormal due to the fact we have both had some strange experiences
we simply cannot explain.  We are both very skeptical when it comes to the paranormal but these
experiences that we have had, there is no way there is anyone that can tell us that what we have witnessed
is anything but paranormal.  We lived in a home in Oakley for 15 years where many things occurred.  We
would always try and be rational and come up with an explanation for what we had witnessed but when it
comes down to it, we undoubtedly lived in a home that we feel was truly haunted.  The first year we lived in
our home, on several occasions, we would show up at my parents' doorstep, along with our cat and dog,
and stay the night or a couple of nights with them because we simply had to get away from our home for a
little bit.  God bless my parents.  They never asked any questions regardless of what time we showed up at
their home.

When it comes to Tim and I being part of Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers, Tim has stated that one of
his favorite investigations was Prospect Place.  That place was truly creepy and was very interesting to
investigate.  He also enjoyed our overnight stay.  As for me, I have enjoyed every investigation but I
believe one of my favorite investigations was Bobby Mackey's.  I do not believe that place is as haunted as
Mrs. Mackey or some of the employees claim that it is.  I believe most of what you hear is all hype, but
Melinda and I got a chance to experience something together at Bobby Mackey's that I will truly never
forget.  That experience was seeing what can only be described as a bright white orb that was about the
size of a baseball.  It had a 3 dimensional shape and moved around.  We were only able to get a look at it for
a split second before it would disappear but it would then re-appear a few moments later in a different
location.  We were able to witness this phenomena for a period of about 60 to 90 seconds.  Our group tried
everything to debunk what Melinda and I had witnessed but we were never able to re-create what we had
seen.  What did we witness that evening?  I don't know if we will ever truly know.
Tim & Lora Lewis

Tim is a Tech. Asst & Investigator
Lora is Case Manager & Investigator

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