SOAR went to Dayton, Ohio January 16, 2008 to meet TAPS, (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). They were in
town for the week doing an investigation that will air soon.  We waited in line for 3 hours to meet Jason,
Grant, Steve, Dave, Chris and their awesome cameramen.  TAPS extended their "Meet & Greet" to insure
that everyone would have the chance to meet them which was amazing because the crowd was crazy! It
truly was an honor to meet them all. Thanks TAPS!
Please except our apologies for this video is not the best quality it is
shakey and moves around alot. This is due to the fact that we were
very rushed, had our hands full with TAPS latest book for autographs,
digital cameras and we had to have a free hand to shake each of
their's! (We just wanted to share this with you because it was so

What you see in the video-

First is Steve Gonsalves ( TAPS Tech Mgr)
I introduced myself (Melinda) and he said "Nice to meet you".
I then asked him if they used Frequency Analysis Software to analyse
their EVP's. You will hear him say "Sometimes, Like an Oscilloscope.."

Jason Hawes (TAPS  Founder)
We shook hands and he was very courteous. We joked with him about
Ghost Hunting compared to being a plumber.

Grant Wilson (TAPS Co Founder/ Webmaster)
Grant introduced himself and said, "He thought our shirts were cool &
interesting and asked how things were going for us."(Melinda)  I told
him that we have been busy. He said, " That's good  and he hoped they
had been doing a great job increasing paranormal awareness.' I said,
"Yes definitely!" He then said, "Let me know if were not." I said, " Oh, I
will!"  We also told him we loved the show!

Dave Tango (Investigator)
We got some shots of Dave but you will hear me tell him that is was
"Nice to Meet him."

Chris Williams (Historical Researcher & Investigator)
On the video you will hear (Melinda) me tell her, "She's adorable."
Pictures from TAPS Meet & Greet
TAPS  Meet  & Greet Video is an MPEG file.
Click the Video again once done to replay. If you have trouble right
click and change the properties of your media player.
R to L- Chris, Dave, Grant & Jason
L to R- Steve & Jason
L to R- TAPS Camera operator,
Melinda (myself) & TAPS camera
operator before meeting TAPS.
Side view of TAPS at table
L to R- Chris & Melinda (SOAR
L to R- Steve & Jason
Melinda (SOAR Founder & TAPS van)
Sign at beginning of the area where
TAPS was.
Dave Tango signing autographs
Jason Hawes signing autographs.
Grant, Dave & Chris
L to R- Jason & Grant
L to R- Steve, Jason, Grant, Dave &
L to R- Grant, Dave & Chris
L to R- Jason, Grant & Dave
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