Spirits, Somewhere In Time.
Investigation Report By SOAR.
Somewhere In Time
100 Market St.
New Richmond, Ohio 45157
(513) 843-6318
SOAR, Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers  Post Investigation Report for Somewhere in Time Bed & Breakfast.

Investigators: Deborah, Nick & Melinda
Investigation Date:  October 25, 2008

Claims of Activity:

Client claims that there are noises, footsteps and apparitions that have been seen. The cats get very upset and act as if there
may be an entity following client around. Activity tends to occur late at night around 2:30 am.

Base Temps:

Living Room: 69.5        Dining Room: 71.9        Hall: 71.1        Kitchen: 73.6        Bar: 71.3    Penny room: 72.1
Upstairs Bathroom: 71.2   Upstairs Hallway: 71.15   Arthur room: 71.4        Collier Room: 71.16        Elise room: 69.4

Average temp: 71.3

EMF Base:
0.5 to 1.5 Spikes, except the living room near the couch is a base 5 MG (Milligauss) constantly.

We arrived at the location at 7pm and set up our equipment until approximately 9 pm. At this time, we had dinner then began
our investigation at around 10:00 pm. The investigation started in the Living room area with the client present. We attempted to
make contact using K-2 meters and EVP sessions using Digital recorder. At this time, High EMF reading stayed consistent at
5MG in the couch area.

The Investigator that is sensitive to High EMF developed a headache at this location in the room. Client went to bed and the
investigator moved to another area, (a chair) in the living room. At the new location, it is noted that the outside body
temperature of the investigator that is sensitive to EMF, was 10 degrees cooler than the other investigators.  EMF fluctuated up
to 5 MG in this chair. There was a feeling on general uneasiness in the room experience by two of the investigators.

In general, the remaining investigation went without incident until the following:
Personal Experiences:

One Investigator felt hands on her back side while bending over to pet a cat in the basement. She immediately turned around
and discovered no one there, nor had any fluctuations with the EMF detector at the time.

One Investigator heard noises out in the 2nd floor hallway around 4:00 a.m. This occurred while everyone was in bed.
Investigator checked to see what could be causing the noises, but found nothing.

One Investigator woke up around 5:00 am feeling sick. They laid in bed for about ten minutes and heard the door knob turning
in the room.

We collected the following evidence at this location:

Living Room:
EVP-Gargled Breathing Sounds
EVP- Man’s voice that says “Hello & Hi”
EVP- Women’s “Help” & Child’s Voice  ‘Help Me.”
EVP- Noise, then Women’s Voice, “ Help me.”

Front Hall:
Video-  Wispy, Light Anomaly from living room to front hall, illuminated by Nick’s camera at 2:30 am.

EVP- Man’s voice- “No one’s here”

Penny Room:
EVP: Man’s Voice- “Can’t have it”


According to our historical research, there were numerous individuals that died in the home. Any odd feelings that have
occurred in the Living room area may be attributed to the High Stationary EMF that is in the room.

There were personal experiences during the investigation and the house did seem to become more active after 2:30 pm with
noises, door knob movement, and the video anomaly that we collected.

Due to the amount of evidence collected at this location, we believe that it does contain paranormal activity.  We believe that
the haunting could possibly consist of a Residual type of haunting ( Noises, Apparitions, etc.,) and also an Intelligent haunting,
(Due to there being direct interaction with a male entity answering and talking back to us through EVP’s.)

SOAR, Paranormal
November 16, 2008



EVP- Women’s “Help” & Child’s Voice  ‘Help Me.”

EVP-  "Can't have it."

EVP-  "Hello, then Hi or Im in H...."

EVP-  Noise, then "Help me."

EVP-  "No one's here."

EVP- Gargled, muffled sounds.
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