Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers

Welcome to "The SOAR Zone -Encounters with the unexplained"
SOAR Zone- "Encounters with the unexplained" is a paranormal
variety show scheduled to "air" in the fall of 2009 on Local Community Access
TV. SOAR is planning on broadcasting on all "Greater Cincinnati" channels
where SOAR team members live. Our first channel will be Anderson
Community TV.

Our episodes will include:

Paranormal News and SOAR updates with SOAR Founder-Melinda Smith
Debate Central with SOAR Tech Manager- Nick Sakelos
Interview Corner with SOAR Case Manager-Lora Lewis
Tech-Time with SOAR Tech Specialist- Tim Lewis & Nick Sakelos(Tech Mgr.)
Our Man on the street-(Public opinions)-Tech & Marketing Specialist- Bill

Other team member will be working behind the scenes to make it  all possible.

Director/Producer- SOAR Historical Research Manager-Tanya Catron
Audio & Video- SOAR Tech Specialist- John Sadouskas
Promotions, Props & Marketing- SOAR Historical Researcher- Julie Kelley
Online Chat, On-Air calls, SOAR New Investigator & Web Specialist-Mirya
We need your help! SOAR needs stories, ideas and inspiration.
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Click to hear our theme song for
our show created by Cody Smith
of the band Judgement Seat.