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SOAR Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers/ Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana paranormal researchers
SOAR Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers/ Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana paranormal researchers
SOAR Paranormal Investigation Team
SOAR's photos
Paranormal links and other helpful information
Paranormal Information and Stories
Paranormal Stories by SOAR Paranormal Founder Melinda Smith
Haunted Places in Ohio and Beyond-SOAR
SOAR-Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers- Investigation Reports
SOAR paranormal and friends at Miamitown Ghost tours Paranormalfest.
SOAR 2009 Meet The Public Memories
SOAR Paranormal 2009 Meet The Public Sponsors & Guest Speakers
Paranormal Perspective by Julie-SOAR Team member
SOAR Open House in New richmond, Ohio 2008
SOAR Paranormal Meet the Public Event 2008
SOAR Team Articles
Meet Dark Figure Productions- SOAR's friends
SOAR-Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers Case/Investigation Listings
Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers SOAR Zone- Encounters with the unexplained
SOAR New Team Member Questionnaire
SOAR Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers Calendar of events
Spirits, Somewhere In Time Bed in Breakfast
Tanya Catron-SOAR's Historical Research Manager-Bio
Nick- SOAR's Tech Manager-Bio
Melinda Smiths- SOAR Founder'a Bio
Tim SOAR Tech Specialist & Lora Lewis -Case Manager Bios
Julie Bio SOAR Historical reseacher
Bill Kuhn's Bio SOAR
Brian Rhoney SOAR Investigator
A Haunting in Clermont County (Bethel) Investigative Report
SOAR, Investigates Dr. Roger's house
Our night at Utopia, By SOAR
Christophers Bed and Breakfast Post Investigation Report SOAR
SOAR Paranormal Investigates Loveland Castle
Nick Sakelos-SOAR Team member Article- Putting Structure in Ghost hunting
February 2008 SOAR Team Member article-Melinda EMF
March 2008 SOAR TEam Member article
Article submitted by Beth former SOAR member for May 2008- Haunted House
SOAR Team member article June 2008 by Tim Lewis-Tech Specialist
SOAR Team member article Lora- July 2008
February 2009 SOAR Team member article. Fear vs Anxiety
Spirits, Somewhere In Time Historical report
SOAR, Property Report on Dr. Roger's house in New richmond, Ohio
SOAR, paranormal Investigates Christophers B N B page 2
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