Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers

Present -The Ghosts of Ross Gowdy House
Brief History

The Ross-Gowdy House Museum was built in 1853 for David and
Elizabeth Ross during the most prosperous time of the steamboat era
and is a fine example of Greek Revival homes built at that time in
history.  Bought in 1865 it was then resided in until 1882 by Thomas and
Margaret Gowdy.  The House was home to three New Richmond Mayors
and was purchased in 1972 by the Historic New Richmond organization
who transformed into a Historic Museum for the village of New
Richmond, Ohio.  It has earned a place on the National Register of
Historic Places and is the current home of Historic New Richmond.
SOAR has had the opportunity to investigate Ross Gowdy House on two separate occasions.
To read the presentation we have compiled for the public regarding these investigations-
The Ghosts of Ross Gowdy presented by SOAR Paranormal
Evidence Collected 1st Investigation
August 29, 2009
Are you a twin-EVP_Yes
Elizabeth? -EVP-Whisper- Yes
Is this the bedroom you stay
in-EVP-But I don't
EVP- Knock reply
Repeated knock sequence
Unknown Whispering
Evidence Collected 2nd  Investigation
July 10, 2010
EVP- Woman's Help me then
Child's Help me
EVP- Whisper- Hello
Recorder was left
alone-EVP-Breathing Sounds
EVP- Two Knock Replies
EVP-Help me
EVP-Help me