Nick J. Sakelos

Born (in 1962) and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio as the last child to parents James and Despina
(mother deceased), both of whom are children of Greek immigrants.  Nick has an older brother
and two sisters.  Nick’s sensibilities are clearly defined by his Midwest roots.  Nick was not born
into a family with ties or interests in the paranormal, or overtly religious, but fate did provide an
early catalyst for his later foray into the paranormal fields of study: he was born a twin, specifically,
a twin to his sister Irene.  While being a fraternal twin is not all that odd, on the same day he and
his twin were being born, in the same hospital, a set of identical twin girls were being born.  
Again, not odd…but later, upon entering elementary school, the two sets of twins met and
became friends, and remained so throughout their secondary education.  Discovering over time
the realities that surround twins sparked Nick’s innate sense of wonder about the human
condition…more exactly, the debate over nature versus nurture (which Nick argues is more nature
than nurture).  He and his twin sister have always been close, and they could make the argument
that they have a psychic bond between them, which might explain why after 40 years Nick has yet
to beat his twin in the card game “Go Fish!”

It was also at a young age that Nick discovered that humans possess abilities that are outside the
norm and occasionally make an appearance, especially when strong emotions are involved.  
Additionally, early on he observed humans’ ability to be empathic.  It wasn’t long before it became
evident that Nick’s true calling in life was that of scientific and mathematical inquiry, mostly with
the mindset of solving real-world problems (for example, as soon as he learned math, trying to
calculate the speed of rotation of the Earth, because “NASA might need to know this!”).  It wasn’t
until his Senior year in high school that Nick starting applying his empirical thoughts toward
religion and the afterlife, and how those topics fit into the grand scheme of the universe.  Nick
further diversified himself and his thinking during his college years, focusing on the human
condition from both a biological and psychological perspective.  

Nick’s occupations have included roles mostly surrounding research, organization, and
technology.  Currently, he serves as the Director of Information Systems for a private employment
screening company.  It is there that he employs his analytical skills for finding solutions to a variety
of people’s needs.  Outside of work, Nick finds most everything under the Sun of interest and
there isn’t much that he doesn’t like (especially when it comes to food); however, the thing he
dislikes most is ignorance (especially within himself) and a lack of tolerance toward the diversity
of humans (living or dead).

Nick serves as the Technical Equipment Manager and Assistant Lead Investigator of the SOAR
Team.  His innate and infinite curiosity is what keeps him interested in the paranormal fields of
study.  Even though he has yet to see a ghost, and has discovered over the years of investigation
that there are more “haunted people” than there are haunted places, ghost hunting remains his
strongest passion of the paranormal fields of study.  His favorite experience thus far from the
SOAR investigations was discovering his first EVP that he captured on tape while investigating
Prospect Place in Dresden, Ohio, wherein the response he hears to his question of why the
spirits weren’t giving us any signs of their presence is, “We can’t, because we’re dead!”
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