Matt Hoskins
New Investigator
Case Management
I have been interested in the paranormal ever since I was a young kid. I was fortunate enough to travel as a kid, and would
always pick up a local legends or ghost book from wherever I was at. While classmates in my sixth grade class gave
presentations on their vacations for show-and-tell, I brought in a book on UFO's. Three years ago I decided to actively work
on the paranormal, and joined a renowned local paranormal group. I learned so many valuable skills in that field and had
many great experiences. I have been a guest speaker at conventions and have contributed to the works of several local
paranormal authors. I am pleased to be accepted into SOAR, and believe there is much still to learn. I hope to bring my skills
to the group, as well as acquire new ones. I have training in tech and PR departments, as well as extensive knowledge of
comparative religions, demonology and occult knowledge. I still remain firmly skeptical, and actively work to debunk
phenomenon. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my paranormal studies.

In my spare time, I am a amateur audio buff, a musician, a amateur film critic, and enjoy all things geek. I try and read at least
two books a week. I have four cats, and recently purchased my first home. I am an avid WoW player. I always welcome a
good debate, and enjoy talking to people. I enjoy Indian food and seafood to an obsessive amount, and I try to attend the
CSO and Playhouse in the Park as much as I can manage.  I hope to be able to contribute my skills and knowledge to
SOAR so we can continue to provide excellence in the paranormal community.
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