SOAR Investigates
Loveland Castle
SOAR Paranormal Post-Investigation Report for Loveland Castle

Initial Client Concerns and Witness to Activity:

Loveland Castle is reportedly haunted by the following:

Casper the not-so-friendly ghost- Casper is reported to give you
an electric shock. If you make fun of him it upsets him.  This ghost
stays in the day bed until midnight. Then he gets up and wanders
about the place sometimes playing tricks on guests by touching
them or ringing the doorbells.

Garden apparitions- There have been reported cases of an
apparition of a man and a woman seen in this area.

Sir Harry- There has been sightings of Sir Harry who built the
castle and also was burnt and later died off site.

Base Readings and Observations

Base Temps:

83 to 85 Outside & Castle
76 Lobby
Dungeon 67

.01 to .05 gauss

Investigators Present:

Bill, Lora, Tim, Mirya, Tanya, Nick, Julie & Melinda

Start Time: 10:00 pm
End Time: 2:30 am

Evidence Review:

SOAR has thoroughly reviewed Audio, Video, Photographs, all
Equipment measurements and fluctuations. We did not find any
evidence of paranormal activity to report back to Loveland Castle.
This is not to say that there is no paranormal activity at the
location, just that we did not collect any evidence.

Personal experiences
SOAR did however experience several personal experiences while
on the investigation.  While investigators were doing an EVP
session in front of the castle, a door was heard opening and
closing at the front of the castle. When we checked for movement,
we did not find any. All investigators were accounted for.  SOAR
attempted to try tree knocking in the wooded area at the far end of
the garden. We knocked on a tree with a log with three knocks.
This method is used in Bigfoot research. We received three
corresponding knocks on a tree near the back gate. We
unfortunately did not capture it on our recorders. Four SOAR
investigators witnessed the phenomena. Near the end of the
evening, two SOAR investigators observed what seemed to be
shadows passing in front of the solar lights at the outer perimeter
of the garden area.
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