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Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers

We are a confidential and experienced paranormal group that provides  professional  research and documentation of facts to our clients.

Traditional hauntings (Intelligent Hauntings) -  Knocking sounds, tapping, noises, lights on & off,  cold spots and weird smells.

Residual hauntings- This is a scenario in which an event in time plays itself over & over again. Examples are footsteps, voices and haunted staircases.

Poltergeist hauntings- Objects move, loud noises, touching by unseen forces and banging in the walls. It is usually caused by psychic activity in the brain.

Portal Hauntings - These hauntings are mostly found in cemeteries. Look for glowing orbs and strange shaped manifestations. A "portal" or window to another plane maybe be open there.

Crisis Hauntings- Noted as visitations from family and they will talk to individuals outside of the grave. They can be in places where tragic events have happened. They will warn uf impeding danger.

Ludid dreams and Hauntings- These can be experienced as dreams that are very real. There can be signs , demons, beasts and possesion.


Types of Hauntings
Cryptozoology  is the
study of animals that are
rumored to exist. Some such
beasts include Loch Ness
Monster, Yeti, Bigfoot,
Chupacabra, Unicorns and
Dragons. Some of the tales
come from folklore and others
from remains in fossil records.
There have been eye witness
accounts of such creatures as
well as video and photo

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Anecdotal evidence, which is an method of
assuming that a paranormal experience
actually happened.  

Empirical evidence, is evidence  that can
be investigated using the scientific method.
Evidence types

A ghost is known as an
apparition of a person
that is deceased. The
deceased person's image
is seen in conjunction
with noises,voices, cold
spots and strange
smells. Ghosts are
often said to be the
primary causes of a
haunting. The  
paranormal activity is
usually associated with
a particular location.
What is a ghost?
Ufology is the
study of
unidentified flying
What  does SOAR do to prepare for an investigation?

1. SOAR  will  contact the business  or private property owner
that has reason to believe that there is paranormal activity at
their location. We ask them a series of questions about the
paranormal activity that has occurred. We provide the client
release forms that authorize us to do an investigation as well as
liability forms .

2. SOAR contacts Historical Societies and does extensive
research on the internet, libraries and  county courthouses for
any historical facts that pertain to the paranormal event.

3. SOAR will prepare a pre-investigation report which will list
any significant historical facts.

What kind of equipment does SOAR use?

1.  4-6 Infrared Wireless Cameras with Illuminators and  DVR

2.  A Laptop

3.  EMF Detectors (Natural EMF with Magnetic pick-ups, K2,
Digital & Basic)

4.  Digital Voice Recorders

5.  Compasses

6.  Digital Cameras

7.  High Flash  disposable cameras

8.  High Speed Black & White and Infrared film

9.  Infrared & Digital thermometers

10. Motion detectors

11  Dowsing rods & Compass

12.  Hygrometers

13. Audio Amplifier-  Measures AC magnetic field frequency
and intensity.
Items we will be adding in time:
Additional illuminators & a Thermal Camera
Other Paranormal Terms

Angels- beings that are said to be of a good nature that are helpful on the earthly plane to humans.

Animal Magnetism- an energy form that is said to be channeled from one living being to another to heal another spontaneously.

Apparition- a spirit that can appear in the form of a shape of a human  as mist, shadow or ethereal.

Aura-  A energy field that is said to surrounded a living thing that changes color according to personality.

Automatism- Spirits causing involuntary movement of muscles.( this includes writing, speaking or even Ouija)

Banshee- a female spirit that is said to haunt places like forests and cemeteries that screams a piercing terrifying noise that can cause death.

Bilocation- the belief that a person can travel the ethereal plane and be in two place at once.

Cartomancy-  the act of divination by using cards to predict the future or past events.

Channeling- the act of using an object or a person by a nonhuman entity to communicate with others

Chupacabra-  a legendary creature that is said to be the size of a small bear large eyes and a lizard like body. It is said to be found in South America and is known as the goat sucker.

Collective Unconscious-  a concept by Jung that is said to be a universal unconscious experience that all humans share.

Crop Circle-  A phenonomen that is said to cause fields of wheat, corn and other similar crops to be pressed flat in geometric patterns and are associated with UFO's

Cryptomnesia-  the knowledge of one who claims to have experiences or memories  based on a past life

Deja Vu-  The feeling that a person has experienced a situation before.

Demon-  an evil or mischievious being that is summoned to our plane or has crossed over by an dark means.

Dematerialization-  The disapperance of fading of an object by paranormal means.

Dowsing- The use of rods , amulets or other items for the detection of water, energy sources and communication of spirits.

Ectoplasm-  a stringy sometimes even mist like substance that is the residue that is said to be the after effect of a spirit materializing.

Exorcism- The removal of a spirit or demon from possession of a human or a location. Religious rites are performed usually done by a catholic priest or other type of shaman.

ESP- Extrasensory Perception- To use ones ability to divine happenings through clairvoyance or telepathy.

Geomancy-  A type of divination that interprets geometric patterns.

Hyperaesthesia- Extreme sensitivity to the senses awareness

Invocation- The summoning of a being from another plane.

Indirect Voice-  The use of a medium by a spirit or being to use their voice, change the voice and communicate with humans.

Lucid dreams-  When a persons experiences a dream and can distinguish it as a dream. Sometimes future events are divined and a person can control there actions in the dream. It
is said that spirits can communicate with us in this phase of dreaming.

Magnetometer- A Electromagnetic field device that measures the fluctuations of magnetic energy. (EMF detector, gauss meter, tri-field meter)

Mysticism- The religious belief that a person can experience communication with the divine directly.

Necromancy- The communication of a person through black magic to the dead.

Numerology- The act of divination through the interpretation of numbers.

Oracle- A person or an object that communicates with higher powers and can foretell the future.

Ouija Board-  A board/device used as a parlor game by some and a communication device by others to communicate with spirits. It is believed that a person can become possessed
by the spirits or demons using the device to enter the person.

Past Life Regression- The use of hypnosis to gain access to a persons past life experience.

Precognition- The ability to foretell the future through images or feelings

Psychometry- The ability to gain knowledge of an objects history and energy from paranormal means.

Radionics- the measurement of the radiation in living things using equipment.

Repressed Psychokinetic Energy-  A psychic force that a person unconsciously projects to cause paranormal occurrences.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis- Poltergeist activity

Retrocognition- A paranormal occurrence in which a person experiences of events that happened in the past.

Spiritualism- Religious viewpoint that agrees that a medium or channeler  can be used as communicator between the living and the dead.

Table-tilting- The movement of a table during a seance or other event in which the participants hands are on top of the table and a spirit is contacted and move the table.

Xenoglossy- The ability to speak a language or write one that has not been learned.
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