February 2009
SOAR Team Member Article
By: Julie
Fear Vs. Anxiety

Fear is an emotion related to an external stimuli, something that can be seen or touched.  Something that can cause
pain. This results in fear.  A flight response is typical in this situation.  

Anxiety is something that is internal, resulting from something that cannot be touched or seen.  It sometimes feels
unavoidable.  Inescapable.  Flight is not your first response as it would not have an effect.

Where then does the definition lay for one that has experienced a haunting?  Some hauntings are nothing more than
sounds, objects being moved, see through visions that are there one moment, gone the next.  These cannot be
touched, they cause us no pain.  Yet one sometimes experiences fear as a result of these incidents.  Or is it anxiety
they feel?  These cannot be touched or seen,  (most of the time), yet we can escape them.  Merely leave the location
and the incidents stop.   If it is avoidable, yet causes us no true pain, where do we define the emotion?  

For the sake of this article, I will go with the assumption that the majority of hauntings are not a physical, demonic
entity set to destroy you or those you love.    Let’s assume that the average haunting is a more visceral experience.  
One that happens peripherally and is nearly impossible to pinpoint.  When one experiences stress on an everyday
basis, one’s health is effected.  If this stress is anxiety related, the results can be devastating.   So a person must take
precautions and do what they can to eliminate the anxiety.   Sometimes, it may impossible to eliminate the source of
the anxiety, therefore you must do what you can do remove the anxiety itself.  

Ways to do this are vast.  Education on the source may help.  Learning whatever you can about the haunting may help
you understand it better, therefore leaving less unknown.   While removing the haunting may not be possible, it is
sometimes possible to coexist.  The more you know, hopefully, the less anxiety you will have.   Relaxation techniques,
meditation, prayer.  These are all things that can bring an anxiety level down, helping you remain in control of your
emotions.  Control gives you power, removing anxiety.  Research can show you additional ways to fight anxiety.  Be
careful though, if left untreated, anxiety can lead to a number of health concerns, leaving your physical and mental
body vulnerable.

Fear is a much stronger emotion.  While those that experience anxiety may feel suffocated, people that experience
fear may be absolutely debilitated.  Fear can manifest itself in so many areas; to leave it untreated is a recipe for
disaster.  If one is experiencing fear on a daily basis, this can lead to paranoia, delusions, psychological shutdowns,
even death.  A person must be aware of the difference between anxiety and fear and be prepared to remove
themselves from the situation or be able to remove the source of their fear.  Many times, once fear sets in, even
removal of the source is not enough to alleviate the fear.    If you fear a haunting, remove yourself from the situation,
seek help and be prepared to make necessary changes to keep yourself healthy.

Anxiety is an emotion that can be controlled, although not easily and only with hard work.   Fear is an emotion that can
be overcome, but not necessarily controlled.   Deciding which you are experiencing will give you an idea on how to
begin rectifying the problem.    
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