Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers

"Our investigation at Dr. Roger's house."
Street view of the front of Dr. Roger's
Historical Freedom trail sign
Side view of the house
Ohio river view behind Dr. Roger's
Dr. Rogers house post-investigation report.
By: Melinda Smith, SOAR, Founder

This contains a factual account of the events and evidential highlights from
SOAR’s investigation at the Dr. Roger’s home in New Richmond, Ohio on
September 20, 2008.

Base EMF- .1 to 2 MG
Base Temp- 75 to 80 F◦
Noise level- High from 9pm to 12pm,
Dust level- High in lower level of building (unfinished)

Tim L
Tim Big Dog
Cincinnati Enquirer (Alex & Tony)

Claims of the paranormal:
Feelings of being watched, Work bucket shaking, Bucket moved by itself

The investigation started around 9:30 pm in the room (aka, mantle/conference
While investigating this area we noted the following:  Music from the bar down
the street, people talking out side on the street, birds in the chimney and a
scuffling sound from the room (aka, Bob’s office). We investigated Bob’s office
and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

From there the investigation proceeded to the room on the lower level (aka,
cabinet room). EMF fluctuations were high in this room, and at some points went
up to as high as 5 MG. Noise levels in this room were minimal and no other
activity was observed.

The team switched groups and the next team went to investigate the outside,
basement, and 2nd floor room (aka, bath tub room). It should be noted that in
the “tub” room there was a noise of a “knocking on the glass pane.” There was
no activity in the basement and outside was extremely noisy.

The investigation proceeded to the front room next to the CPA’s office. In this
room, the following was experienced:  A popping noise was heard by Melinda
and Julie towards the back of the room. Later on while doing an EVP session
Melinda felt a strange touching sensation on her left arm twice. A couple
minutes before another investigator, “Tim “Big dog” experienced the same.  
After this, several investigators noticed a banging sound which seemed to come
from the room above. The noise was also heard at command central during this

Otherwise the investigation was without incident.


SOAR captured two EVP’s during the evening which could not be attributed to
the noises outside or by investigators in the building.

EVP- “What’s this”- Captured by LB in the (mantle room/conference room)
This was not captured on Melinda’s recorder which was on at the time also.
EVP- “Won’t you”- Captured by LB in (Bob’s office room)

Video evidence- Light anomaly was captured on the lower level in the “cabinet
room”. This anomaly has not been captured previously by SOAR and we have
researched the “light” in question for a possible explanation but have not found

Debunked- Spider looks like ball of light in the “cabinet room”.

Melinda Smith
SOAR, Founder
October 12, 2008
Creepy old room with light anomaly
Light Anomaly
Light anomaly from video caught in
still shot.
EVP- "Won't you?"
We asked if the entity would
make a noise in here  and got
the response, "Won't You..?"
EVP- "What's This"
This EVP was captured in the
middle of us talking. You have to
listen carefully to hear it.
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