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604 Poplar St.
Bellevue, Kentucky


Phone: (859) 491-9354 or (888) 585-7085

Prepared by Tanya & Julie SOAR

History of the land.

In 1745 there was a massive 3 day battle on the grounds where the city (Bellevue)
was founded. The Shawnee tribe fought the Cherokee and Miami Indians. Many were
killed during the battle.

This section of land was used for hunting.  No residence on land, not even slaves
before the city formed.  

Original owner of land: George Muse  (2700 acres of land was awarded to Muse for
his service in the French and Indian War.)

George Muse traded the land to James Taylor for a keg of whiskey. (year ?)

James Taylor, Jr. (son of James Taylor) b: April 19, 1769 – d: November 7, 1848

Jr. came to Kentucky in 1792 to supervise the sale of his father’s land.  His father
had given to him 500 acres and he was to sell off the rest.

Jr. owned the land known today as Newport, Bellevue, Southgate, Wilder, Fort
Thomas, Highland Heights, Cold Springs and Alexandria. (Campbell County)

Married: Keturah Moss Leitch (b: Sept. 11, 1773 – d: Jan. 14, 1866) Married: Nov.
15, 1795. (Keturah was a follower of Preacher Alexander Campbell until she passed

11 children (only 4 made it adulthood) James Taylor, Keturah Leitch Taylor, Ann W.
Taylor and James Albert.

Bellevue is named after his father’s plantation in Virginia. Bellevue is French for
Beautiful View.

The historic district streets are named after James Taylor son-in-laws.  (Foote, Ward,
Van Voast and O’Fallon.)

The Bellevue Christian Church was built in 1891 on the corner of Poplar St. and
Ward Avenue.  

The church was dedicated on December 27, 1891.

Rev. R D Harding is listed as the preacher for the church in the 1897 city directory as
the pastor. (Robert Dickerson Harding). Came to the Church in 1895 and stayed for
3 yrs. (Left the Congregation in 1898.)  He resided at 260 Ward Ave.  

Found 1 funeral that was held there:

John David Ellis on Dec. 2 1901. He died at the age of  45 yrs 11 months of an attack
of cerebral apoplexy on Nov 30, 1901.

John McLane built sewer system in 1908. (When the church was remodeled because
the congregation had grown so large and they needed are larger building.)

Odd that there Is no Information or documentation at the courthouse or on the
Internet between the year of 1908 and 1996.

The congregation of the Bellevue Christian Church and the Dayton Church of Christ
merged and moved to a church in Dayton, Ky in 1996.

Bought by Stephen and Brenda Guidugli 8-23-96 and turned into the Christopher’s
Bed and Breakfast (completed 10-14-97) Named after the Patron Saint of Traveler’s.

Parcel id 999-99-35-412.00
Zoned commercial
Lot description:  1 block K Harris heirs addition 36X100

Limestone and shale overlaid with glacial rock but is exposed on sides of hills due to

No mines active now
no active wells on or near property
Sand and gravel in Bellevue sold
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