Bill Kuhn

Tech. asst.
Family information:  With my wife Marianne for 32 years married 29 of them.  We have two
great kids Jessica and Maggie, Jessica is a seventh grade school teacher in Kentucky
while Maggie is in her Junior year of college studying to be a special education teacher.  I
have been involved in the plastic industry since I graduated from high school in 1975.  

Likes: Shooting and fishing and going out on the river on my Seadoo.  Love the outdoors.

Paranormal experience first one in high school just let it lay dormant for years.  Watched
the very first adventures of TAPS and was hooked, starting hunting on my own, as my
interest grew found SOAR on the internet and followed them for a year.  Expressed interest
in joining, after my interview with Melinda and Nick was sure I wanted to join.  I was offered
a position in the club, besides my duties on investigations I will be assisting Melinda in the
marketing department .    
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