Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers(Retired 2012)

We are a confidential and experienced paranormal group that provides  professional  research and documentation of scientific facts to our clients.Retired as of 2012.
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Melinda and Nick from SOAR
were guest speakers on  March
28th with Miamitown Ghost Talk
Radio; Our hosts were Michael
and Jeff Morris.
Click here if you want to
listen to the show
SOAR members were guests on
Forgotten Voices Radio
(May contain explicit language)
Matt from SOAR was on
Miamitown Ghost Talk.  
Listen here
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Are you looking for
help with the
SOAR is interested
in hearing from anyone
who believe that they
have encountered  
apparitions, shadow
people, strange lucid
dreams, odd looking
disembodied voices,
phantom smells,
feelings of being
watched in your home,
personal items
disappearing then
reappearing, cold
spots, hot spots,
Poltergeist activity,
(experience of past
events), Precognition
(experience of future
events), levitation,
telekinesis, Crop
circles or UFO's.
*There are no charges
for our services.*
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News article about SOAR
Are you looking for
that perfect weekend  
getaway in a haunted
and historical town?  
Learn more about New
Richmond, Ohio.
Ghost cams
UFO cams

SOAR are proud
members of the the
Richmond Historical
Coming soon- SOAR TV

The SOAR Zone-Encounters with the
A Paranormal variety show with
segments such as- Debate Central,
Interview Corner, Tech-time,
Paranormal News and SOAR on the
move, The Public's opinion.
SOAR on the radio.
Click to listen.
Do you know of a place that is claimed
to be haunted and you want us to
check it out? Do you have a haunted
story or experiences with other
paranormal phenomena? What would
you like to see on our TV show?  Your
story or even yourself could be
spotlighted on our show.

Send us comments here:

SOAR will be at Boyd E. Smith Elementary Science
Night for Student on February 28th 2012.
Matt, SOAR's PR and Case Manager is working on a New Radio
program.  Details are limited but we are very excited. If you have topics
of interest, email us at
Ghost reading at its best!
John Kachuba Ghost hunting Books
Do you want to know more about haunted
places in Clermont County and Ohio?  Dark
Figure Productions have amazing DVD's
For more information go to the following:

Ghost Hunts in New Richmond for the public will be back in 2012.
Please check back on our website soon for updates!
Want to know about the paranormal
hotspots in Ohio and have your own
handy reference map?
Click here?
SOAR will begin filming
a movie with Dark
Figure Productions and
Greg Roberts in
January about a
historical serial killer
and the hauntings
associated with him.
Please be advised that SOAR
Paranormal aka Southern Ohio
Apparition Researchers is not
affiliated with a new group based in
our geographical region that is
using our acronym. This group is
using SOAR as well.

SOAR Paranormal was founded in
2005 and this new SOAR was
founded in 2011.